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Friday 9 January 2009

Iceland buys 51 Woolies stores ...

... Fraserburgh amongst them, but sadly not Nairn.

Iceland, good solid name that.


  1. Close Bill, let's hope another company shows interest in Nairn.
    It is becoming evident that this loss effects the community in more ways than one. My sister in law and one other lady have mentioned to me that they miss going round woolies, sometimes having a chat with friends. To them it was a store where you felt welcome whether you were going to buy something or not. It was big enough just to go for a no questions asked wander.
    It's social role was perhaps underestimated.

  2. I used to shop there myself from time to time and it's true it will be missed. However, aimless walking around the aisles with little in the till at the end of it is not the way to run a successful business, however social the venue might have been.


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