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Sunday 9 November 2008

Dizzy spots 'anonymous' Labour-backed anti-Tory attack blog

(Please see UPDATES at end)

Dizzy reports that the obvious 'attack-blog' has been joined by another rather more secretive and mischievously-named attack-blog, Conservative and Unionist Blog (which has as its URL ""), but that has not prevented Dizzy managing to track down who and what is behind it - it may look 'polished' at first glance, but a very few moments perusing it reveals it to be a pretty crude affair. Possibly it gives some of the more 'nerdy' (than usual) Labour apparatchiks some childish pleasure, but it shows how desperate and deluded they are if they think this kind of nonsense can withstand even the most cursory scrutiny. As some commenters on Dizzy's article have remarked, why don't Labour have the courage of their convictions and present their ideas openly and honestly, rather than engaging in this kind of deceitful misinformation?

UPDATES: (Sunday 11NOV08 14.45 GMT) I started to write this article at around 13.27 GMT today (see time-stamp), but it won't actually have been uploaded and made live until shortly before 14.00; I know this because I see that my subsequent article is time-stamped at 13.59. Amusingly, hidden amongst the visitors in my site statistics is a visit from "" barely twenty minutes later as the time-stamp of the visit is 14:17:29; obviously the folks there must be maintaining a regular vigil on those who visit their site, too - so a friendly "hello" from me to you ... (Sunday 11NOV08 15.15 GMT) The fun continues; the person behind the "" blog confides his blog has been 'spammed' and so the rest of an article is no longer visible and we'll just have to take his word for it; well forgive me if I've heard that one before! There are some more amusing comments in Dizzy's blog, too. These Labour-supporting bloggers have no idea, do they? It's just too easy to have fun at their expense; it sounds more to me as if the mocking laughter he has provoked has made him concoct this story about 'spammers'. Laughable! As for me being some kind of Tory-apologist, well you only have to read the 'Who's Bill?' page (link at top right of blog) to see where I stand on that issue; Tory-leaning I may be, even today, but I ain't no apologist for them. Again, laughable!

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