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Thursday 30 October 2008

The Obama 'Infomercial'

I just watched Barack Obama's 30-minute prime-time broadcast from last evening on YouTube. Bear in mind that it is a paid-for 'informercial'; make of it what you will:

... and here's the Republican candidate, John McCain, telling Americans how it's been under the current Republican president:

"The last eight years haven't worked very well, have they?"

It's really a choice between 'hope' (Obama) and 'fear' (McCain); personally I go with 'hope', although I doubt very much Obama can work miracles, but what does McCain offer - vague promises that the next four years will 'be better', without really a shred of evidence to show how he might make it so. My own little pocket of fear so far as McCain is concerned is how would it be if, tragically, McCain can't go on as President for any reason (probably relating to his age and known health issues), we had a President Palin? If that doesn't give your average American voter pause for thought, then I'll be really worried.

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