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Thursday 2 October 2008

Met Police Chief Sir Ian Blair resigns - well done, Boris!

It was with great pleasure that I heard rumours earlier today that Sir Ian Blair was probably going to announce his resignation at around 4pm today. Shortly before that I had to go out for a few hours, but I almost put the car off the road when I heard confrimation on the car radio that it had come to pass.

It has not been a secret that Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, would ideally have wished to get shot of Sir Ian and I am delighted that Boris seems to have had a hand in his long-overdue departure. It gives me exquisite pleasure to read also the letter Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has written [had to write more like] to Boris Johnson; one can just imagine her bawling out some poor Home Official official who advised her she had no option but to include the Mayor of London in the process.

I have been calling for Sir Ian Blair to go [or to be sacked] for some years, my most explicit call for this having been here in September 2005; I am glad that at long last this odious politician/policeman has been seen off!

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