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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Bill's off again ...

... back to Spain. I travel tomorrow and hope to reach my house late tomorrow night/early Thursday morning. I'll be back in Nairn at the end of September.

There is so much turmoil going on in the world economy and the British Labour Party (this is just the latest body-blow amongst many to hit PM Gordon Brown) at present that one hardly knows where to begin; I have therefore taken the easy option of blogging little on this or really on any other topic, simply because I have had so many other things to do over the past few weeks.

My emotions about what is going on in the world economy are mainly 'apprehension', but not 'panic' - I expect I am a lot better-placed than many, but what is occurring right now is unlikely to leave anyone untouched, but there's not a lot I can do in practical terms that I haven't already done. I tend to think, though, that there will be some excellent buying opportunities in due course, provided one picks with care - and that depends on accurate information, not a readily available commodity and unlikely to be had for free, if it is of any real value.

As for the Labour Party; well, my general attitude is a mixture of mirth, anger and once again apprehension. The mirth because it has finally become clear to everyone (except perhaps some completely-blinkered or delusional Labour 'drones') just how useless and damaging were the policies of our former Chancellor Gordon Brown from the day he entered 11 Downing Street in 1997 and the folly of those (even some right-of-centre people who should have known better - e.g. Janet Daly) who thought he would make a good PM and were fooled by his apparent success in that job for the first few months. Anger - obvious really, because he, Tony Blair and his present cronies collectively engineered the disastrous state of the British economy so that it is in a very poor condition to with-stand the world-wide economic downturn, without even getting good value for all the money squandered on the NHS and his mania for 'credits' for what seems like half the population; even their paid-for loyalty is wearing thin now, isn't it? Apprehension - well again obvious, because when this lot finally leave office, there will be a huge mess to clear up which will take years to achieve. Fare thee well, everbody - and keep your powder dry, the day of reckoning for the crowd who govern us is fast approaching.

Altogether not a very pleasing prospect - so I'm taking myself off to Spain and mostly forgetting about it for the next couple of weeks. If there is a complete melt-down of civilisation whilst I'm there, well there could be worse places to be stranded!

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