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Saturday 13 September 2008

The beauty of the Highlands of Scotland in Autumn

The general theme for this very brief post was an outing yesterday evening for dinner at the North Kessock Hotel in North Kessock (for the second time this week it so happens) for a very pleasant family meal; this time with some relatives from London who are holidaying in the area for a week or so. After supper we gathered on the shore just outside the hotel to get some photographs of the sunset of which the one below shows a view up the Beauly Firth in the general direction of Kirkhill/Kirtarlity/Beauly. It was a lovely mild evening and I was in short-sleeves when I took this picture at around 9pm (click on photograph to enlarge).

Apart from another meal here a couple of evenings before, equally enjoyable and with other family members (this time visiting from Aberdeen and Dubai) I had another enjoyable supper a couple of evenings before that with yet more family members, this time from the Netherlands and near Glasgow respectively, at another attractive seaside location in the area, Rosemarkie - the second photograph in the linked page is of the Crofters restaurant, recently extensively remodelled and generally improved and under new ownership (does not have its own website) - the food that evening was pretty good, too, but there is no photograph I'm afraid because the heavens opened during our meal and the evening continued with a veritable Scotch Mist - accentuating the positive, this is what helps to keep the grass green!

(A scene from "The Singing Detective")

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