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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

No Regret - Korean 'boy meets boy' gay movie

I just came across a post at Kenneth in the (212) about a new gay movie from South Korea, which sounds as if it will be very worth watching if it comes to the UK, or becomes available on DVD (I don't see it yet on either the US or UK Amazon websites); there's also a very full review of the movie at Oasis Magazine here:

Whoa. I just finished watching what is considered the first “true gay film in Korean cinema,” and if this is how they mark their entrance to world cinema, they are more than welcome to make as many gay movies as they want.

Similar to the gay Japanese movie “Boys Love” that I recently reviewed, this is a movie that doesn’t have that cultural take on an old story feel to it. It is a modern, worthwhile movie that depicts the characters’ lives in Seoul, but the emphasis is on story above all else.
- read the full review at Oasis Magazine, link above. The official movie website is here and a pre-release video-clip is already on YouTube so here it is:

It's only coming out in New York, Los Angeles and San Fransisco at the end of July and in August, so presumably it will be a while before a few selected cinemas (probably in London and other places such as Manchester or Brighton) show it over here - I'll just have to hope it becomes available on DVD in due course.

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