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Monday 21 July 2008

A decent spell of weather forecast for Nairn

At last! Today was one of the first really decent days weather-wise here in Nairn and the inner Moray Firth since I returned home to Scotland from wintering in Spain in early May. Admittedly the week immediately after my return here was pretty good too, but since then it has been a lot cooler than usual, at least that's my impression. However, today was good and the forecast is that the weather will continue to be fine for the rest of the week, becoming somewhat warmer toward the weekend. Today we had 21 degC at one point in the afternoon, so if we get 24 or 25 degC in a few days I shall be a happy boy!

Despite the reasonably high temepratures today it was quite breezy from the west, but it was a very pleasant breeze, and there were quite a few people down on the beach today and at the Links Kiosk, both less than 100 metres from where I live. I took some photographs toward the end of the afternoon and there were quite a few youngsters in the water, but I expect most adults would still find the water too cold without a wetsuit (I certainly would). Here are a couple of the photographs I took from my apartmeent today:

Nairn Beach - 21 July 2008
(click on images to see enlargements)

Earlier in the afternoon I did a lovely long circuit on foot, from here along the path toward the swimmingg pool and on along the shore-path past almost to Nairn Golf Club and up around Seabank, Albert and Thurlow Roads before turning back down onto the links and putting pitch area and home - a very pleasant walk at a brisk pace in short-sleeves; the warmish breeze off the sea was lovely. I'll be doing similar walks most days this week if the weather holds up as promised.

PS/ I'm watching the Prom on BBC4 until 9.30pm; Saint-Saen's Symphony No. 3 is being played just now by the French Radio Philharmonic Orchestra (Myung-Whun Chung conducting) and it's a real treat. However, as it's still about 16 degC here at 9pm with no wind I shall take myself down on to the beach again immediate after it ends to watch the 'gloaming'.

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