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Tuesday 17 June 2008

Irish voters to be asked to think again on Lisbon Treaty?

This is what the Telegraph is speculating at any rate.

Obviously the foolishness of the Irish voters in voting the 'wrong' way last week in their referendum is not 'acceptable'. Read the final paragraph of the linked article to see just how despicable this arm-twisting is going to become:

Under the existing Nice Treaty, the next Commission, due to be appointed in November 2009, must legally be reduced to a size less than its current “college” of 27 members, one for each EU country.

The Lisbon EU Treaty also calls for a smaller Commission but, unlike the existing rules, the cut is not legally binding and can be reversed.

"If the Irish wanted to keep their commissioner they have done a pretty bad job. At the moment if we were to axe a commissioner it would be easy to guess whose it would be," said a diplomat.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am strongly pro-EU, but I think the behaviour of most of our politicians across the EU has been quite deplorable in the past few days; a notable exception is Vaclav Klaus, Czech President.

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