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Saturday 31 May 2008

Truly, truly pathetic - and weird too

to whoever views this post, regular as clockwork
(apparently from Norway)

This gentleman posted one of his occasional very enlightening 'treatises' on his suggestions for solving the world's and this country's ills in another blog where, aparently, he has 'guest posting' privileges; the post in question may be read here; the post is entitled " Isolationism's Time Has Come".

Like many of the notions posted by this gentleman over the years (which I have been reading less frequently of late, for various reasons, mainly relating to my sanity and blood pressure and my desire to retain some semblance of the former and to prevent the latter from soaring to dangerous levels), it presents what for many (and me certainly) might be considered 'unconventional', 'novel', perhaps even 'courageous' ideas. Nevertheless it is probably instructive to have such ideas presented from time to time, and I would defend his right to do so, whatever I may think of these underlying ideas.

However, the host blog permits comments, whereas the writer does not (and has never done so, at least for a long time), so far as I am aware, in his own blog. One of the comments posted has aroused the ire of said gentleman and provoked (or more neutrally, perhaps, 'caused') him into publishing a post in his own blog here employing what is I suspect not 'irony' when he entitles it " A Spineless Coward..." ; naturally and as usual he is not permitting any comments in his own blog. It is perhaps debatable who deserves more the name of 'spineless coward' in this particular little spat. Obviously I do not condone threats of physical harm, but given the nature of the other person's blog (which I have scanned briefly), I would venture to suggest that the comment he made might possibly be more accurately classified as rhetorical flourish than a genuine intent to do physical harm, given the opportunity. The querulous riposte of this gentleman with a further comment of his own and a post in his own blog (where no comments are permitted, I remind readers), is probably a better indication of the weight that rational individuals may feel justified in placing on what he writes. My own reaction is one of mirth, coupled with pity. Nevertheless I admire his willingness to write in the way he does and bring inevitable opposing and mocking comments down upon his head even if I find extraordinarily curious his unwillingness to permit comments in his own blog. The owner of the host blog chooses to give him guest posting privileges and I certainly admire his openness.

PS/ I have never referred, and most probably will never refer, to this gentleman by name in this blog, nor do I link to his blog in my 'blogroll' even though he, to this day, links to my own little blog in his blogroll; long-time readers of my blog will surmise correctly that there are three reasons for this - the first reason is included in my 'Links Policy' and the second is because I like to maintain my own no doubt idiosynchratic notions of 'propriety' and finally, quite frankly, because it gives me a perverse (and perhaps somewhat childish) pleasure to withhold such linkage; however, I have linked several times in this post (and occasionally in earlier posts some years ago), so I hope this is some small 'compensation'. Now I must go wash my hands and pour a stiff drink down my throat!

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