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Tuesday 20 May 2008

Eurovision 2008 - 1st Semi-final - my evening and the results

Well, I'm currently watching the 18th out of the 19 songs being performed tonight by Russia. Just Greece to go.

My views of the songs tonight:

Montenegro - not a great song - quite a pretty male singer, but I don't think it will go through

Israel - Excellent singing voice, sexy male singer and dancers - Bill says 'YES' - Voters says 'YES'

Estonia - Lively song - female and male singers

Moldova - Romantic ballad - good voice - pretty female - Bill says 'YES'

San Marino - ballad - strange looking male

Belgium - bizarre song - pretty female

Azerbaijan - camp operatic ballad - camp male and gothic male - Bill says 'YES' - Voters says 'YES'

Slovenia - good singing - beautiful but alarming looking female

Norway - good ballad - good voice - very pretty female - Bill says 'YES' - Voters says 'YES'

Poland - good song - very beautiful female - Bill says 'YES' - Voters says 'YES'

Ireland - the Turkey was a complete turkey - rubbish!!!

Andorra - good song - female plus female group - Bill says 'YES'

Bosnia & Herzegovina - rubbish song, badly sung - bizarre male and female singers - Voters says 'YES'

Armenia - powerful song, but sung out of tune - very beautiful female - Voters says 'YES'

The Netherlands - tuneful song - very beautiful female singer and good looking male dancers - Bill says 'YES'

Finland - a male kind of 'hard metal' band - Voters says 'YES'

Romania - Romanian/Italian ballad sung by a very good looking male and a pretty female - Bill says 'YES' - Voters says 'YES'

Russia - romantic ballad - very good looking male - Bill says 'YES' - Voters says 'YES'

Greece - nice song with slight middle eastern overtones - quite a pretty female with male dancers - Bill says 'YES' - Voters says 'YES'

OK, I seem to have got 7 out of the 10 which the voters wanted:
- the 3 I chose which didn't get through were Moldova, Andorra, Netherlands;
- the 3 which the voters chose (and I didn't) were Bosnia & Herzegovina, Armenia, Finland.

The next semi-final is on Thursday.

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