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Sunday 11 May 2008

Bill vlogs Sunday - 11 May 2008

Rather than write lengthy blogs detailing the grotesqueries of the past few weeks in British politics, more specifically the fact that Gordon Brown's authority as Prime Minister is being increasingly called into question, even by supposedly loyal memmbers of the Labour Party (plenty of other bloggers across the UK are writing such posts) I thought I would continue a recently-started experiment with video-blogging and put up occasional vlogs incorporating some comment on recent political developments in the UK, or different parts of it, and couple this with some more of my domestic routine now that I have returned to Scotland for the summer.

To kick this off, today I recorded some comments (two separate short videos) whilst preparing lunch. The main theme is the slide in the popularity rating of 'The Glorious Leader' and some of the developments of recent times which led to Gordon Brown's popularity rating taking a [long-overdue] slide downhill.

Enjoy! Comment if you like ...

The above two videos total about 13 1/2 minutes and have taken an incredible 5+ hours to upload, even with my 'upto 8Mb' broadband connection - I know the upload speed of an ADSL broadband service is much, much slower than the download speed. When uploading normal webpages, even with decent-size images, the slowness of the upload speed is hardly noticeable, but when it comes to video files it is a really critical factor because of the sheer size of these files. At least this forces people like me who indulge in this kind of activity to keep it reasonably short, you'll be glad to realise!

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