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Tuesday 18 March 2008

The spouse from Hell

I use the word 'hell' above advisedly, not as a swear-word, but merely as a sympbolic representation of the place whence one (i.e. me) feels this lovely lady must have come.

Her whining interview yesterday after the divorce settlement with her former husband Sir Paul McCartney was announced was, if this is possible, even more nauseating in its self-serving awfulness than her previous efforts to plead her case. Now we learn (link above) that her evidence in the divorce case was "inconsistent, inaccurate" and "less than candid". She still gets a pretty good whack for a brief marriage, I'd have thought, and frankly if I was Sir Paul McCartney I'd have thought it a small price to pay to be shot of this noisome woman in legal terms (*), however costly in absolute terms - set against his estimated wealth, though, it is relatively minor.

I was never a fan of the Beatles and have no particular feelings towards McCartney or anyone else formerly in that group, but let it be noted that the judge in the divorce case categorised his evidence as "consistent, accurate and honest." Perhaps McCartney is the 'monster' Heather Mills seems to have tried to claim; who really knows what goes on inside a marriage except the two individuals concerned. However, in my humble opinion (the opinion I formed when I first heard of their marriage) poor old Sir Paul McCartney is evidently one of those men who needs female companionship, preferably with a strong-minded woman. In his first wife it appears that both he and she found what they required; there has never been any suggestion, so far as I can recall, that their marriage was in any way unhappy or a 'mistake' for either party, despite how unlikely to outsiders it at first appeared (she was from a wealthy, perhaps even 'patrician', American background). I cannot help but feel, though, that Sir Paul has learned a very embarrasssingly public and expensive lesson in the dangers of too quickly jumping into a new relationship following the death of his first wife.

(*)It is highly-unlikely, unfortunately, that we have heard the last of Heather Mills; she very regrettably does not seem to have the self-knowledge to appreciate just how ridiculous her media-grabbing posturing is and the media will of course lap up all her utterances because it makes good 'copy'; that in itself is its own sad commentary about what seems important in our society.

PS/ As I wrote here last week I have had major PC problems recently, still not resolved. My PC is working again after a fashion, but 'crashes' at inopportune moments. I'm also without certain items of (paid for) software until I return to Scotland in May and have access to the original software discs or back-up discs (for certain software downloaded from the internet). I should have been having the PC looked at today by a PC engineer to try and diagnose if the problems are solely operating-system ('Vista')/software-related or whether there is an issue with some of the hardware components; his return from England today was apparently delayed so I hope he'll be able to take a look at the PC tomorrow morning once he is back in Spain. Apart from that, though, things are going well here in Spain. I took delivery last Friday of the final items of furniture for the living-room; the temporary furniture the furniture shop had kindly let me use has been taken away and replaced with what I ordered - it is altogether much more satisfactory and makes much better use of the space available and is just as attractive as I had envisaged. Similarly, work began last Thursday on the landscaping at the front and side of my house here - it'll be a few more weeks before it's all done (and as this week includes several public holidays in Spain because of Easter it will be delayed somewhat), but already it is taking shape and the work done so far makes me think it's going to be successful.

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