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Wednesday 13 February 2008

Ken Livingstone's suitability as London mayor

(Please see UPDATES at end)

I watched the BBC London news after the 1pm lunch-time news on BBC1 a little while ago and was appalled to see Livingstone's boorish behaviour before the Council. After making some particularly obstreporous comment, he was asked by a female councillor to "show some respect for the Council", to which the charming Ken responded: "Respect has to be earned".

I don't live in London so whom Londoners have as their Mayor is no business of mine, but if I did I would certainly be extremely offended by this man's behaviour. As a Briton I do however feel embarrassed that this out-of-control boor is in charge of the country's capital. It's no surprise to anyone who knows my blog that I would never have voted for Ken, and in the soon to be held election I would most probably go for Boris Johnson. However, even if that choice is not to your taste and you live in London, I ask you to consider seriously whether a vote for him is in London's best interests. This is hardly the first time this man's behaviour as a public official has been completely inappropriate, whatever the merits of what was being discussed.

Unfortunately a video-link to this lunch-time's London news is not yet up on the website.

UPDATE: (Wednesday 13FEB08 19.47 RST) The evening edition of BBC London news finished jjust 15 or so minutes ago and there was a longer segment on this morning's dramatic events at the London Assembly, when the sitting wasd suspended briefly for calm to be restored after the Mayor's repeated outbursts; still no online report on this in the BBC London website, so here is the only online report I can find so far on what happened. The controversy is about the dealings of the London Develolpment Agency and key aide Lee Jasper. Clear responses are still awaited; the Mayor's rantings cannot postpone the reckoning forever.

2nd UPDATE: (Monday 19FEB08 21.44 RST) Through the Coffee House at the Spectator I have come across a link to a YouTube recording of Ken Livingstone's aberrant behaviour:

It would be quite funny if it wasn't so sad, not to mention outrageous.

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