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Wednesday 22 August 2007

Mood of the moment ...

Norm had an apt post up a couple of days ago and as it kinda reflects my mood at the moment I quote it for those who might have missed it:


This being the time of year that it is, you might even find yourself tempted to follow a link that goes to the posing of the question:

Is blogging dead?

Should you be so tempted, let me rather urge upon you these questions as being slightly more interesting:

Are the dead blogging?
Are the blogging dead?
When is a blog a dead blog?
How many people have died blogging?
How many people have died from blogging?
How many people have died for blogging?
How many people are dying to blog?
How can you tell the dead bloggable from the only moderately bloggable?


All interesting questions, about which I have reached only partial conclusions.

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