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Wednesday 8 August 2007

Midweek YouTube - Monganga medicated soap (Zaire)

This advertisement is in French, but the style of presentation is typical for this kind of product; the lady in the ad. is wearing a white coat to imply that she is some kind of researcher or perhaps has medical qualifications. The ad. dates from 1993 and is not so different from similar items that one might see in this country; after the medical bit at the beginning the shots change to images of happy people using the product and getting 'satisfaction' from it.

(NB/ The version of this video-clip embedded originally has disappeared, because according to YouTube the account associated with it has been deleted, but fortunately another version exists currently in YouTube, so I have updated the embedding on Sunday 19th January 2014 - see also * below.)

The punch-line at the end has the presenter saying that the product "merits its name"; the name Monganga is the Lingala (a west African language) for a doctor.

* The second link originally placed here (from an educational institute in South Africa) has also disappeared, so I have replaced it with a similar although less detailed article about the family of languages to which Lingala belongs - please click here to read it.

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