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Saturday 11 August 2007

Deputy mayor of Treviso (Italy) calls for 'ethnic cleansing' of gays

Amazingly, the deputy mayor of a major Italian city is calling quite openly for the 'ethnic cleansing' of homosexuals from the area. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the city hall of Treviso calling for his resignation. Even more amazingly, and whilst a copy of a recording of Giancarlo Gentilini making these remarks has been obtained by prosecutors to 'see whether they broke the law', no criminal probe is [yet] underway, according to Italian media reports!! What are they waiting for?!

Watch for yourself what Giancarlo Gentilini said:

One of the comments on the YouTube website has this translation into English:

"...So I'll immediately give orders to my police chief to perform an ethnic cleansing of fags. Fags need to go to other cities of the region that are willing to take them in. Here at Treviso there is no possibility for fags or their kind."

My knowledge of Italian is not great, but quite a number of the comments on the YouTube site would appear be praising this bigot. Quite chilling.

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