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Sunday 1 July 2007

Well done, Ma'am!

I was really cheered when I read in today's 'Sunday Telegraph' Mandrake column thar Her Majesty the Queen has a robustly independent attitude toward some of the loonier legislation Her present Government has asked Her to sign into law:

"HM is a confirmed non-smoker but she is also a great libertarian and has no time for political correctness. She has always made cigarettes available to her guests. I might add that she also refuses to wear a hard hat when she is out riding and she refuses, too, to wear a seat belt when she travels by car. She has agreed to comply (with the letter of the smoking ban law), but can't bear the Government meddling with every aspect of an individual's life."

I'd just love to see some hapless jobsworth chastising Her for not wearing Her seatbelt when being driven in Her official limousine or when She's out driving in Her Range Rover with a scarf around Her head at Sandringham or Balmoral! Like Her Majesty I am a committed (lifelong) non-smoker who loathes the habit, but I would never dream of preventing someone 'lighting-up' in my home, even if I no longer provide cigarettes or cigars, as I used to for the latter (in the interests of scrupulous honesty, though, I do forbid smoking in my car as the ventilation system seems to be polluted forever very quickly in cars where this is allowed).

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