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Thursday, 5 July 2007

'The Real Cherie Blair'

Did anyone else see this? Yesterday evening the much-hyped fly-on-the-wall programme about the final six months of the Blairs' period at 10 Downing Street was broadcast. I've only just watched a recording this afternoon (I must reveal that I was watching Taggart instead yesterday, as I think it is one of the better non-American police dramas).

One of the best lines from Fiona Bruce was a question about whether Cherie thought anyone would flock to see her give a sponsored talk during her overseas jaunts if she was not the wife of the Prime Minister. Poor Cherie (and I did feel a little sorry for her at that point, but only a little) looked completely flummoxed at the audacity of the question and blustered in reply: "I really don't want to answer that question, actually. I don't know what it's got to do with anything." - it's pretty clear, frankly, Ms Booth. Another 'highlight' was the section covering the Carol Caplin/Peter Foster fiasco and the apartment for son Euan in Bristol (where he attended university) - the naivete of this whole episode, and her almost-tearful news conference to explain what she had been playing at getting involved with an antipodean con-man, was and remains a mystery to me. This lady is supposed to be one of the foremost barristers in the country!

I won't bang on about this much more. All I will add is that a former boyfriend (a Hong Kong Chinese I knew in HK and Australia) had a word for people like her - 'money-hungry'. She says she will be glad when they have left Downing Street not to have to live in the spotlight ever again - frankly the end of this embarrassing interlude in British public life is a relief to me, too.

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