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Thursday, 5 July 2007

New link - Tory councillor Jim Millar

I've added a few links recently for recently-elected SNP local councillors, so it seems only fair that I should add a link to someone from one of the other political parties, in this case the Conservatives.

Jim Millar writes that he is a recently-elected councillor on Angus council and also works for one of the (recently re-elected) MSPs at Holyrood, although the job in Edinburgh - where he has chosen to live - is obviously more imortant to him, even though he says he plans to attend local meetings regularly (indeed he seems to have stood for the council after encouragement from his 'boss' who advised "that a campaign would be good experience for me" (and the implications of this are perhaps only now becoming apparent to the MSP), presumably as the basis for his later political life).

He seems to have an easy and fluent writing style and I shall enjoy reading of his exploits and of the various pressures on him as he tries to juggle his various responsibilities (elected and party political).

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