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Friday 20 July 2007

Junk(ie) government

The Cabinet of our marvellous NuLab government has eight admitted law-breakers in its ranks - these criminals have openly admitted to having used a banned substance (cannabis) in their youth; frankly why anyone should pay a blind bit of notice to what these aspiring authoritarians instruct, cajole and blackmail a far too docile population into doing beats me!

And I'm not just taking a 'pop' at the Labour Party and its cohorts, there are probably just as many in the Conservative proto-government (and LibDem and other Party) ranks who have similarly flouted the law 'in their youth'; a plague on all their houses!

Some of the laws are admittedly silly, probably some of those relating to drugs amongst them, but these are the people (or in some cases their parents) who passed the laws, so they had jolly well better get used to obeying them themselves. Perhaps the only way to bring home to these people just how serious is their contempt for the law is to ban them from public life - harsh, I agree, but perhaps it will persuade a few of those at university today to think about the careers they aspire to have in 10 or 30 years time and to do their studying within the law - or face the consequences.

I'm deeply opposed to capital (and indeed corporal) punishment, but the recent execution of a corrupt senior government official in China who had licensed fake drugs and taken bribes is perhaps something we might consider emulating from time to time "pour encouraqer les autres".

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