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Thursday 12 July 2007

James Martin Capozzola - Rest in Peace

I learned today with great sadness that James Martin Capozzola, who ran The Rittenhouse Review blog, which had as its by-line: "A Philadelphia Journal of Politics, Finance, Ethics, and Culture", a pretty accurate summary of what James and his blog were all about, passed away early last week after a prolonged illness.

James began his blog in April 2002, coincidentally just about 11 days after I started my own little blog - we have been on each other's blogrolls almost since the beginning. Of course I did not know him personally, but our occasional email exchanges were always stimulating and worthwhile. I am sorry to see him go - he will be missed (indeed I had noticed the paucity of his recent posts and had wondered about that), although I had often read his posts about some of the difficulties of his personal life including his recurrent bouts of ill-health.

There is a brief announcement posted in his blog shortly after his death by Lynn Haddock and a lengthier tribute is on Suzie's Suburban Guerilla blog. You can see a photograph of James with a friend in another brief and poignant tribute here.

James Martin Capozzola
- Rest in Peace -

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