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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Iain Duncan Smith - as inept as ever

What a mediocre man. In his latest foray into doing good by Britain, and 'enhancing' the electoral prospects of the Conservatives, his policy group is to suggest an increase in taxes on alcohol. According to the linked article a 'source close to the leadership had praised the work of the review group, but added that some proposals "will be adopted, others wont be" '. I think this is an elegant way of saying: "Get lost!" or "No Way!" or indeed "Are you completely out of your mind?".

PS/ I've just spotted the usual reactionary 'tosh' we have come to expect from Tim at ConservativeHome, but there is one of the comments to his post that I feel needs to be read and taken to heart 50 times a day by any well-meaning Conservative who thinks that IDS (or Tim) has the solution to their problems:

"Good God - Tim and his IDS Guru are like some 17th century puritans who want to take over all aspects of our private lives. Just because some people can live by prayer and blogs it does not mean we all can or want to. Leave our private lives alone."

UPDATE: (Tuesday 10JUL07 08.05 BST) ConservativeHome is still pushing this nutty idea; the comments are comfortingly heavily opposed to it, which at least goes to show that not everyone in the Conservative Party is as crazy as IDS and Tim Montgomerie with their very unconservative ideas on social control through an even more penal tax take on alcohol in a country which already has some of the highest taxes on this commodity in Europe.

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