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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Brutality in Tabriz: a grotesque public hanging in Iran

Warning: the video below is of a graphic nature and shows the public hanging of a woman and two men in Tabriz, Iran. Do not click the 'play' link if you are overly sensitive. The persons being executed are raised slowly on a crane - there is nothing 'humane' about these brutal and prolonged killings; this is reported to have taken place on or shortly before 15th July 2007. I embed it here because this is the reality of what is going on in a country such as Iran.

Allahu-akbar ('God is Great') indeed! The use of these words in this context sullies the name of Islam!

NB/ The original 'Live Leak' video available through the link below has disappeared from the internet some time ago, but I have recently (11MAY2015) discovered the same video on YouTube so that is what is embedded here now - it is just as horrible as I recall the original was, although perhaps the quality is no quite so good. I noticed, via my site visitor statistics, that someone had viewed this article today from Dubai in the UAE and that prompted me to try and find a replacement for the original video.

(thru Andrew Sullivan, in turn thru Arash Kamangir, an Iranian exile living in Canada.)

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