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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Blogroll update - some Spanish additions

I mentioned a little while ago that I have been looking to find some sources of news and comment from within Spain to add to my website; until recently I hadn't had much success in finding the quality of writing I like to include in my blogroll. However, a few weeks back I did come across some worthwhile sites and I'm now adding them to the general blogroll (two links) and the news media blogroll (one link).

Both the blogs I'm linking to are based in Barcelona, but I shall be looking for quality writing in other cities (obviously cities such as Madrid and Sevill, etc). Anyway, here goes:
Barcepundit (Jose Guardia) - the sub-heading is 'My English is not perfect? Well, it's not my mother tongue, so sue me!', but in fact it's very adequate and the occasional awkwardnesses of usage are more than offset by the quality and breadth of the writing. The only 'negative' feature is that comments are not allowed, although there is a prominently-displayed email address, and a link to the sister-site in Spanish;
Inside Europe: Iberian Notes (John) - describes itself as 'News, politics, culture, history, languages, all live from Barcelona by John. Our focuses are Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain.' John doesn't say anything about himself (although I suspect he might be American, or just possibly British) and there is neither email contact nor a link to the archives that works. Nevertheless he writes well so I'll add the link and see how it goes. He does permit comment.

The News Media link:
Think Spain - I'm not entirely sure who is behind this, but it carries quite a lot of useful general news about Spain (national and regional), translated into English, from what seem to be a wide range of Spanish news media sources. The main web page is full of advertisements (property, etc), but the RSS feed is quite good if you use a news aggregator to add it to.

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