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Friday 1 June 2007

Reagan Mark II?

(Please see UPDATES at end)

I don't mean in the sphere of political philosophy specifically, athough there may be some congruence there, more in the fact that another actor may try and launch a bid for the Presidency of the US on the Republican ticket.

Reagan was Governor of California before launching his bid to become President (and he was a good President, in my view), whereas Fred Thompson was one of the Senators from Tennessee for almost ten years until a few years ago. However Mr Thomspon, apart from being an actor, is also a lawyer so his possible candidacy is not so improbable as Mr Reagan's seemed at the time. Thompson has the reputation of being a 'social conservative' and this will undoubtedly appeal to parts of the Republican base. The fact that he looks 'Presidential' is probably quite important, too, in the sound-bite politics that characterises most modern democracies and specially the US.

UPDATE: (Friday 01JUN07 09.25 BST) Or not, as the case may be (thru Andrew Sullivan).

2nd UPDATE: (Saturday 02JUN07 21.00 BST) More intriguing details of Fred Thompson's personal life, perhaps not best designed to appeal to core Republican voters? Never mind, Mr Thompson, I've always enjoyed seeing you in Law & Order!

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