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Wednesday 27 June 2007

Day 2 - visit to Scottish Parliament and a minor 'Blogger' meet

Amongst other things I visited the Scottish Parliament this afternoon and sat through part of the 'Transport' debate in the Public Gallery. Very interesting the hear the truth behind the normal sanitised versions one sees on television from the edited highlights; lots of foot-stamping and desk-banging, not to mention some sotto voce asides when some particuarly outrageous remark was taken objection to by a political opponent!

Earlier in the day I had spent several hours, several enjoyable but tiring hours, trudging around the National Museum of Scotland. This was only my second visit, but to do the place justice one really needs to spend at least a week, although not more than two or three hours a days as after that'overload' and fatigue sets in. Following the visit to the Scottish Parliament it was just a short step across the road to the Queen's Gallery at Holyroodhouse for the third 'visit' of the day. The exhibition currently on display included several ink drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, and paintings and drawings by a number of other artists of flora and fauna - in fact paintings and ink drawings of flora are particular favourites of mine and I have quite a few at home by a local artist and friend who employs exactly the same technique of almost phtographic exactitude in capturing the detail of plants, leaves and flowers - it was only a visit of an hour, but it was an hour packed with content!

About fifteen minutes ago I just got back from a 'Blogger' meet, where I had the pleasure of meeting David from the Freedom and Whisky blog. We had a very enjoyable two or so hours discussing a great many subject of interest; unfortunately no other bloggers turned up, but it was still a very worthwhile experience; indeed it is the first time that I have met a fellow-blogger 'in the flesh' (as Nairn is not exactly blogging central!).

Tomorrow amongst other things I shall be visiting the Museum of Flight and various other places in East Lothian.

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