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Sunday 6 May 2007

Il a gagné!! Sarko Président!!

19.42 BST - Calls on the US not to oppose measures to protect the environment. Looks for the creation of a Mediterranean Union and a partnership between Europe and Africa. Wants an immigration policy under control, but a policy of development, with a sincere belief in European ideals. Then the usual "Vive la République. Vive la France".

19.41 BST - Equality of opportunity for all French. Calls on French to be open to all their compatriots. Calls on France's partners in Europe not to remain deaf to the feelings of their peoples and assures the US that France is at thewir side as a friend, even if they sometimes think differently.

19.40 BST - Proposes to install a new work ethic in France and a new pride in France, a new kind of authority in France. However he will do this in a way in which no person will feel excluded.

19.36 BST - Thanks his supporters. Saays he has respoect for his opponent Mme Royal and those who voted for her. He hopes to be President of ALL the French people, whether they voted for him or not.

19.35 BST - Nicolas Sarkozi comes on stage to give his post-election acceptance speech.

19.31 Jack Lang (former Socialist Culture Minister) emphasising that in his area, Pas de Calais, the vote was strongly for Royal. PPDA saying that Chirac is issuing his congratulations to Sarkozi (despite their mutual loathing).

19.27 Currently watching Le Pen reading out his post-election statement. Usual extremist rubbish! And of course he did not reply to PPDA's(*) question!

19.26 Latest analysis shows that 15 per cent of 'le Pen' vote went to Royal and 665 per cent to Sarkozi.

19.23 François Fillon, UMP Senator, is currently on-screen - he is being spoke on as one of the choices as Prime Minister.

19.17 Currently watching Nicolas Sarkozi speeding through Paris in a black Renault (very ordinary-looking car), presumably going to give his post-election speech. Think he is heading toward his Party HQ.

19.03 BST - I'm watching Ségolène Royal give her speech congratulating the new President and conceding defeat. She had 47% of the vote.

19.00 BST - Exit polls announced on French TV channel TF1 give Nicolas Sarkozi 53% of the vote - they are usually very accurate. I think it safe to say therefore that Sarkozi is the next President of the 5th Republic.

(If you understand French well, then you can watch the live stream of the TF1 election results broadcast here, then click on the screen link. Otherwise, you can watch a British version on BBC News24 if you are in the UK and have digital or satellite reception.)

(*) Patrick Poivre d'Arvor - sort of a French version of David Dimbleby.

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