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Thursday 10 May 2007

Blair announces his resignation ...

... but we'll have to wait until 27th June to be shot of him finally.

John Prescott is standing down as Deputy Prime Minister at the same time.

It's a good day. On the other hand we'll most probably have Gordon Brown as our next Prime Minister - oh, joy!

Blair wasn't all bad, of course; he supported the policy of getting rid of Saddam Hussein and his sons from positions of power in Iraq. More or less everything else he did (with a very few exceptions) was wrong, or flawed, or misconceived. Some people, many people, of course believe it was his policy on Iraq that was the worst 'crime' of the lot; I don't agree with that judgement. However it did sow the seeds of his massive loss of popularity over the past few years - as I mentioned quite a while ago now - and if the only price to be paid for getting rid of the odious Ba'athist regime in Iraq has been unpopularity and political oblivion for Tony Blair (and for George W Bush in due course) then I am not overly concerned; indeed I regard it as a beneficial side-effect of pursuing his one worthwhile policy. His role as a sort of useful idiot performed a helpful function and, now that he has become tiresome in the extreme, he has realised his next useful action is to remove himself as Prime Minister.

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