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Saturday 12 May 2007

Bill liveblogs Eurovision 2007

UPDATE: (Monday 14MAY07 10.45 BST) Click here for the final scoreboard for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

23.03 And the winner is:



22.49 The Maltese give their 12 points to the United Kingdom. Entirely predictable, but very welcome as at least we no longer have 'nul points'!

22.45 The Swiss announcer from Berne is truly 'dishy'! As you'll see I've given up commenting on the votes - it's all so predictable. Sigh.

22.35 The United Kingdom is the only one without points now. Cyprus gives its 12 points to, you guessed it, Greece!

22.32 The Portuguese votes are being given by a very hunky-looking man. Wow!

22.30 Ukraine, Serbia and Russia in top 3 spots at present. No Western countries getting a look-in. To be fair all the top songs (excepting Serbia, in my view) were pretty good.

22.16 Voting is about to begin, The EBU are ready. They're only announcing the top votes, all the other lower votes are registered automatically already.

22.09 Seems Blognor agrees about Ukraine. Yes, I think we did underestimate them, and some of the other Eastern-European countries, too. If they do get it I think it will be well-deserved. The Finns are putting on a good show - these things seem to get more elaborate (and outlandish) every year.

21.50 Oh, by the way, I won the Lottery tonight! No, not the jackpot, but at least I'll have GBP10- more in my pocket, he he!

21.48 - Right I think Ukraine have it; I'll be voting for them. Runners-up for me were:
- Tier 1 - Russia, Romania, Moldova
- Tier 2 - France, Latvia, United Kingdom, Turkey.
Now I'm off to do some personal things (i.e. visit the toilet!) and get some salad then some chocolates. See you shortly!

21.45 Moldova - the final song of the evening. Lively violin introduction by the lead female singer. A dramatic way to start a quite tuneful ballad, sung in English. Lively dance back-up. Quite a catchy tune and she has a powerful voice. Should do well; might even win, but I think Ukraine probably have it, just.

21.41 Armenia - A very romantic ballad sung by a white-shirted, black-trousered (with cummerbund!) male singer. All very romantic and sexy. Backing group is good, but there is no dance-routine. An excellent classic Eurovision song, but I'll be surprised if this is the right formula to win this thing nowadays. A pity, but a very good effort.

21.37 Turkey - a Turkish version of Europop, sung by quite a nice-looking and pelvic-thrusting man. Very sexily-clad group of four women accompanying and doing dance-routine. My overall impression is it's quite louche, sung in English. Pretty good - and I'll leave my door unlocked for him!

21.34 Bulgaria - A good singer singing what to me is an amazingly-awful song. Back-up is good. Whole thing is very lively, but I just don't get it at all. It'll probably win! No, surely not?!

21.29 Romania - In English and Romanian(?) and French and German. Bowler-hatted male singer, with sailors(?) and gypsy-clad male group. Very lively and attractive song. The skinhead sailor-suited singer is, well, just wow! This is really good stuff.

21.25 United Kingdom - classic Europop, pretty well performed with a nice routine nased on an airline crew; back-drop is excellent. Very camp and amusing, and quite sexy. Could do reasonably well, but probably will be overtaken by the Eastern Europeans.

21.22 Blognor doesn't rate Latvia very highly.

21.21 Ukraine - Very lively song in German. Great dance routine. Will probably win. Completely banal, of course, but they have fulfilled the Eurovision brief, so probably do deserve to do extremely well. Will they win it? Slurp - more champagne required and some chocolate to keep up my strength!

21.17 Serbia - A very serious looking woman wearing heavy black spectacles, with black- and red-suited female back-up. The song is excellent (in Serbo-Croat[?]), but not really Europop material, I'd have thought. But what do I know? It might appeal to fellow Balkans and other Eastern Europeans.

21.13 Germany - White suit and homburg, grey shirt. A very suave jazz song in German breaking into English. Back-up of grey-suited men, some wearing cloth caps. All very 'hip'. There's a good swing to the song, I expect the lyrics are good, but it goes over my head. Might be a little too sophisticated, I suspect, for Eurovision. A pity, as it's good.

21.09 Russia - Three black-dressed and sexy Russian female beauties belting out a very lively song in English. Two female back-up singers and a male guitarist. All very sexy and really a very polished effort. Will certainly do well.

21.06 Latvia - Well you can't accuse them of following the crowd! Three top-hatted gents singing in Italian! A very romantic-sounding ballad and they all have pretty good 'Il Divo' kind of voices, not as good-looking as Il Divo, but altogether a very polished and impressive performance.

21.03 France - Wow! Revolutionaire! They're singing a very attractive and lively ballad in a mixture of English and French. The bilingualism is the revolutionary bit! A very catchy tune and performed with great verve. I'd vote for it! I like the red-clad second singer, the bald one!

20.58 During the break I've been over at Come into my world - he's not live-blogging, but if you're after some pretty men then he's always good value!

20.55 Sweden - Wow! Viking bare-chested androgyny! A cheery and lively Europop effort in English, quite amusing lyrics. Back-up band of drums and guitarists. All very lively and good fun. The performers are not good-looking, but they do their stuff very well. I like it.

20.52 Georgia - A very pretty woman in a sexy tight red dress sings a rather unusual ballad in English. Back-up dancers are grey and black clad cossack-style dancers. Not my kind of music at all, but it is quite sophisticated and might do quite well. Very well performed and she has a haunting voice, perfect for this song.

20.48 Greece - A London-born Cypriot sings in English. He is good-looking and sexily-dressed in white and grey. The four female back-up dancers are in white and blue bikini-skirts. It's a lively kind of Europop with Greek overtones. Will either do really well or flop completely. I think the former.

20.45 Lithuania - Black-leather-clad woman sings in English and plays guitar. Backed-up by several guitarists also in black and in silhouette - all very sophisticated. The song is good, with vague Spanish/Latin overtones. It's a good song and logically should do quite well.

20.41 Hungary - A jean and t-shirt clad reasonably-pretty woman sings a jazzy kind of ballad in English. A very polished and sophisticated effort. Well and simply performed. Logically it should do very well, but the voting this evening may not follow [my kind of] logic - we'll see!

20.38 Slovenia - A sultry black-haired beauty wearing a tight leather(?) or silk(?) dress in black with grey pleating. All very dramatic. A powerful song and she is a good singer (not in English), and it will likely do quite well - won't win, in my opinion, though.

20.34 FYR Macedonia - A very pretty female singer singing a nice tuneful ballad, presumably in Serbo-Croat(?), breaking into English. The dancers backing her up are a mixture of peasant-style good-looking men and women. All in all quite sexy and polished. Will certainly do well - it's a good song.

20.30 A break for the two presenters from Finnish TV to strut their stuff. A cute man and a pretty woman, dressed in grey and green respectively.

20.29 Finland - the host nation has a female, rather sinister and punk-looking person singing in English. The song is good and she can sing.
Back-up band is not bad. Almost no choreography. Tune-wise it's good, but I'll be surprised if it wins.

20.25 Ireland - Celtic Europop, accordions, guitars and a whistle. Song is quite nice, but I think the singer's voice is a little less than perfect, unfortunately. Will certainly get a few points, but unlikely to win.

20.22 Take a look at Blognor Regis, also live-blogging. Most amusing commentary!

20.20 Belarus - Sexy and good-looking male singer with two female and two male dancers, all five in black. Song is in English. A very stylish performance and I think it will do well.

20.15 Spain - a sexy boy-band singing a very lively Europop type of effort in Spanish with some English thrown in. If any of these lads wants to drop in on Nairn they can expect warm welcome here! Pretty good.

20.10 Bosnia & Herzergovina - pleasant sounding ballad. Not in English so I've no idea what it's about, but the costumes are somewhat 'dreamy'. Might do OK.

20.05 Well I've got champers opened and I'm primed for the off. Terry Wogan is ''on form' with the usual corny humour.

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