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Tuesday 3 April 2007

Scottish Election propaganda - part 1

As I am currently in Spain and will soon (middle of next week) be starting my journey back to Scotland I am not in the best position to receive all of the election messages which voters can expect to receive over coming weeks. However I did receive today, in a batch of mail from Scotland, the first of the inevitable leaflets (I also received a tabloid propaganda message about a month ago from the same political party, but as this was a long way before the election and was in fact in the form of a 'report back' from their Westminster MP I sent it to what I term 'central filing' [aka the trash bin]).

The interest in this piece of election propaganda is that it is tailored for a specific part of the Inverness East, Nairn & Lochaber constituency (where I have my UK home); the leaflet is for the Nairn area. I imagine that there are leaflets for other areas within the constituency. It was delivered in an individual mailing under cover of a 'propaganda' pre-election exercise entitled "Craig Harrow's Health Service Inquiry"; he is the Liberal Democrat FPTP candidate for the constituency. I suppose it is quite a clever technique to give the impression (which may even be true, I suppose!) that this particular candidate is in touch with the concerns of voters in my home area.

Craig Harrow - pre-election 'report back'
LibDem FPTP candidate
Inverness East, Nairn & Lochaber

Above - front; Below - back

Click here to see larger images.

Obviously the fact that I have published this leaflet here in no way implies that I support this political party or its candidate; for the avoidance of doubt, I do not. I will publish other leaflets as I receive them - this may be toward the end of April, after I have arrived back home in Nairn and am wading through the piles of 'junk' mail which was, thankfully, not forwarded to me here in Spain over the past three months. Prior to the last Westminster election in 2005 I published all the leaflets I received here; a couple of months ago I noticed that this particular post was visited VERY frequently by visitors to my little blog, perhaps by people from the various political parties doing research on what they, or their rivals, had done the last time. (Bill's Comment Page is happy to provide this small service, without fear or favour, to all political parties who field candidates in my area)

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