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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Yet more new Scottish political blog links

In the run-up to the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2007 there appears to be once more (as there was prior to the last Scottish Parliament elections in 2003) a plethora of new blogs, most of which on the last occasion disappeared soon oafter the election was over.

In any case, another new(ish) blog I have come across is Y is a vowel. The writer seems to be a supporter of the Scottish Conservatives. The title of the blog is certainly no indication that the spelling or the grammar employed is entirely orthodox. Neverthless an interesting (if temporary?) addition to the blogosphere for those interested in the forthcoming elections for the Scottish Parliament. (PS/ Written on 12MAR07. I have decided to remove this blog from my blogroll, because on closer acquaintance I can't really see the point of it; apart from a clever title it doesn't seem to have much else going for it - I'll leave the link above, though, for anyone who might chance upon it.

Another recently started blog I have come across, this time a supporter of the SNP (describes himself as an "SNP parliamentary researcher") is Scots and Independent; although I don't care for the writer's politics I must record that it is well and intelligently written. If the United Kingdom is to survive then those political parties which support it must rapidly attract supporters of a similar, or better, calibre; the SNP has its mavericks too, but in general it seems to attract a youngish, reasonably intelligent group of activists. This is the challenge which the 'unionist' parties must face up to.

SNP Tactical Voting is a new blog written by a Scot living in Sydney, Australia. He tells us that he has at one time voted for 'most' parties, including the SSP, but informs us he now has a "natural SNP bias". Despite this 'bias' he does seem to make an effort to write objectively and seems to specialise in probability analysis for the forthcoming elections, employing his accountancy/statistical skills to this end.

I will try and add links to other political parties relevant to Scotland as I come across them, particularly in the coming weeks those which are relevant to the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections; I will not add links to any blog which expresses overt support for extremist parties such as the BNP, however; I may be tolerant and open-minded, but I am not totally gullible, nor am I an idiot.

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