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Friday 16 March 2007

Sally Clark - Rest in Peace

Mrs Sally Clark has passed away at home, her family has announced. She was 42 years old at the time of her death and, according to the family solicitor, had never fully recovered from the appalling miscarriage of justice she suffered, adding that whilst not in the best of health was not suffering from any disease when she died. Her death is in the hands of the coroner.

A sad end to a tragic series of events. Rest in Peace.

UPDATE: (Tuesday 20MAR07 22.47 RST) The comments for this post highlight the fact that apart from there being a variety of viewpoints on issues surrounding Sally Clark (R.I.P.), there are also some pretty malicious people around on the internet. I have not so far deleted any comments on this post (there are 10 at the time of writing), but I may have to revise this decision if there are additional comments which seem to be pointless or deliberately designed to sow discord and uncertainly as some of those already included might seem, with a less charitable view than mine, to be designed to do. I regret very much that what was intended to be a simple, and heartfelt, tribute to a lady whose life was blighted by false accusations and an erroneous conviction, has been marred by such unseemly bickering. I request ALL commenters to think carefully before continuing their squabbling here!

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