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Friday, 16 March 2007

On how to get a dog to pose for a photograph!

The weather has been good for the past couple of weeks so a few days ago I decided to go to a secluded and quiet beach near here - all I'll say is that it is a few kilometres west of Mazarron and Bolnuevo and is approached down a dirt track at the start of which a height barrier has thankfully been placed, so preventing the place being colonised by camper-vans. It was quite a breezy day, but the beach itself was perfectly sheltered and warm enough to sit on the beach in shorts or swimming costumes, although no-one (and certainly not me!) thought the sea was anywhere near warm enough yet to go in - give it a few months. This beach does not become crowded even in summer - there is a little café at the top of the hill behind the beach, approached only by a steep path, but apart from that it is not developed at all.

How to get Tara to pose?
13 March 2007
Answer: not easy!

Tara explores around the edge of a rocky promontory

... and here is the almost perfect shot!

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