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Thursday, 29 March 2007

More embarrassment for Labour in Falkirk West

The campaign manager for outgoing 'independent' (and former Labour) MSP Dennis Canavan, who is standing down at the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections, has announced he will be supporting Michael Matheson, the SNP candidate, rather than the Labour Party candidate, the infamous Dennis Goldie.

It seems like the Labour Party have some kind of a death wish in Scotland; we have our Prime Minister hyping up scare stories about the risks for Scotland of 'independence' (aka 'separation') thus irritating even staunch 'unionists' (but proudly British and Scottish ones) such as me, we have a probably-soon-to-be-Prime Minister who can seem to do nothing without irritating either the business community (rises in business taxes for smaller businesses) or the general English population [simply because he is Scottish, apparently, although I think personally it is because he is an ideology-obsessed economic moron and a lot of even traditional 'Labourites' down there have at last seen through the nonsense he spouts] and we have a Labour Party constituency association choosing an unpleasant individual such as Mr Goldie as its candidate for Holyrood.

As I keep on repeating here I am no friend of the Labour Party, 'new' or 'old', but one does wonder just what they are playing at. Probably it's just the arrogance of being in power for ten years (just the same kind of tiredness that affected the Conservatives, although it took them a few years longer to get there).

Finally, I was deeply saddened and confess to wiping away a tear or two when I read very recently of the travails in Mr Canavan's personal life; it is terribly, terribly tragic and he has my deepest sympathies. Whatever I may feel about Mr Canavan's politics, nobody deserves this.

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