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Sunday 25 March 2007

Flamingoes at the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra

When I was in Seville yesterday I was speaking on my mobile to some friends who live south of Malaga near a place called Mijas (not far from Fuengirolla) and they suggested that on my way from Seville to Malaga today I pop off the motorway as it is the right time of year to see flamingoes at an inland lagoon near a place called Fuente de Piedra. So that's what I did. The lagoon and its surrounds are a nature reserve; however, the lagoon itself is much reduced in size at present because there has been so little rain in the past few years. The people at the very well organised visitor centre advised that there were flamingoes to see if one was prepared to walk a fair distance around the edge of the lagoon - it took about twenty-five minutes of pretty brisk walk to get to the right area, but it was worth it!

Flamingoes at Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, Andalucia
25 MAR 2007
(Junction Km 132, A92 Seville to Malaga motorway)

Click here to see a larger image.
(There are a couple of additional images as well)

After visiting the nature reserve it was less than an hour to Malaga; whilst the motorway is excellent, parts of it reminded me of a helter-skelter. The last 40 Kms or so into Malaga seemed to be mainly downhill with quite a few sharp bends and tunnelled sections. The arrival at my hotel was once more possible only as a result of my good friend 'Mr Tim', the helpful voice of my SatNav unit! Tomorrow I shall have quite a long drive home to Mazarron; it's about 380 Km and according to my SatNav would take around 4 hours, so with a break for coffe or lunch I'll round that up to 5 hours. I'll just have time to unpack the car and do some shopping at the supermarket before going up to the kennels to pick up the dog. I spoke with the kennels yesterday when I was in Seville and they tell me Tara has settled in well and is a 'proper little lady'; I could have told them that already!

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