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Sunday, 11 March 2007

And who would that be, Bishop, the BNP or UKIP?

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Motherwell has indicated he will not be voting for Labour this time, because many of their policies over issues such as civil partnerships 'fly in the face of Christian tradition'. Normally I wouldn't give two hoots about anyone not voting for Labour, but this bigot is trying to dress up his bigotry as some kind of act of conscience. When he says he will vote for the Party which 'best supports Christian values' I expect he has conveniently forgotten the teachings of Jesus Christ which I have always understood to include tolerance and love for one's fellow men and women. Which Party will best support his world-view? The BNP? UKIP? Certainly none of the mainstream Parties. Taking this away from gay issues, how does Bishop Devine feel about living in a country which allows abortion, or contraception, both practices which Catholic doctrine abhors? Really Bishop Devine needs to 'get with the programme' and realise this is not rural Ireland or Italy or Spain of 50 years ago where the 'flock' could be expected to follow whatever the local priest said. I expect and hope that the voters of Motherwell and elsewhere in that part of Scotland will use their own judgement when deciding whom to vote for, even if I wish not quite so many of them would vote for Labour as they have probably done blindly for 'tribal' reasons for decades, but because they had actually thought through the issues and made their own choices, even if their regular choice of Labour seems the most complete madness to me.

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