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Saturday 10 February 2007

Tax in Britain under Labour - by 18 Doughty Street

Is tax, and the way it seems to have gone up in recent years (since May 1997 in fact) getting you down? This video clip by 18 Doughty Street highlights the issue of where tax could strike next - collecting your rubbish by the local council for example (not a joke apparently, according to a segment on BBC Breakfast this morning). A tax to pay for our political parties? - well, they've thought of what wheeze already, too!

Like everyone else who pays tax in Britain I know how much various taxes (mainly of the 'stealth' variety!) have gone up under our socialist government and been squandered on Gordon Brown's so-called 'sound' economic management; what will he try if/when he becomes Prime Minister? And the horrible thing is that no mainstream Party offers any other agenda, only the wacko fringe outfits.
(thru Gavin Ayling)

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