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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Tafelsig, a Cape Town suburb, sees first Moslem lesbian Civil Union

The first lesbian civil union has just taken place in the Cape Town suburb of Tafelsig. The two ladies who have, at last, been able to get married are Sadia Kruger and Zukayna Leonard who have in their words been 'involved' for 14 years.

The ceremony had to take place at the Department of Home Affairs as most Christian and Moslem places of worship refuse to allow civil unions there. However the two ladies, who are Moslems, have stated quite clearly where they stand on the matter:

"I love Thabo Mbeki. We have been thanking him all the way today. And the lady who had the courage to marry us."
"I was born a Muslim and no one can change me. They (anti-gay people) are not God, only God can punish us. Who are they to judge me. If I sin God will not give me breath."
"When we were engaged there were many of them [gays] and there will be a lot of them tonight when we celebrate. People should follow their hearts and make the right decisions." (*)

(*) - The various quotes come from the two ladies.

The two, who first met 18 years ago, have been living together for 11 years. I hope they have a long and happy married life.

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