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Saturday 27 January 2007

Will 'News International' itself be punished in phone-tap scandal?

OK, so a journalist and a private investigator have been gaoled and the Editor of the News of the World has resigned. But what, if anything, will happen to sanction the conduct of the proprietors of the newspaper, News International (i.e. the Murdoch clan and other investors), who allowed (more like 'encouraged') their underlings to indulge in questionnable activities intended to boost circulation, advertising revenues and ultimately profits? I suspect the answer is nothing.

I have never purchased, or read in over forty-five years, the News of the World and I stopped taking The Times soon after it was acquired by the same owners; for similar reasons I do not subscribe to Sky; Murdoch is the same creature, remember, who controls the US Fox Network. Like all his business enterprises they are devoted to reactionary politics and in the case of the UK fundamentally opposed to our very system of government; naturally I make no suggestion that he/News International should not be allowed to continue their business activities, I just wish that more people would choose not to use their products.

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