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Monday, 29 January 2007

Low Council Tax rise - upcoming Scottish Parliament elction. Coincidence? Hardly!

And so the political charade in Scotland takes the course it last took in the run-up to the last elections for the Scottish Parliament in 2003 if my memory is accurate. Scottish Border's Council has announced its 'lowest ever' increase in Council Tax of only 1.9 per cent. In fact I recall the same pattern of low Council Tax increases before the 1999 and 1995 local council elections, too. Quite obviously our policiticans take the electorate for complete fools, being fully aware that they will simply be grateful for one year's respite (relatively speaking) from the inexorable rise in Council Taxes, knowing full well that this year's 'generosity' will be more than recouped the following year with probable swingeing increases, the next elections being a safe three and half years away by that time.

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