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Sunday 10 December 2006

IDS claims his comments about gays distorted

I am disinclined to believe Mr Iain Duncan Smith's claims that his remarks that same-sex couples are 'irrelevant' to the family policies he is shaping for the Conservative Party on behalf of current leader, David Cameron, have been "distorted". However, I am willing to accept that it is a possibility, if a remote one.

It is remarkable, though, that during the period when IDS 'led' (*) the Conservative Party he signally failed to utter the words 'gay' or 'homosexual' in public. In his interview with David Frost on Sunday 20th January 2002, for example, he swerved away from responding to Frost's pretty direct questionning in any meaningful way (the link is to a post in my main website before I began writing this blog).

Frankly Iain Duncan Smith has 'form' and seems to me to be protesting just a little too much, even if he is now prepared publicly to utter the word 'gay' in an homosexual context - I suppose one must record this as a step forward.

(*) I put the word led into 'scare quotes' because the manner in which IDS performed when he was theoretically at the helm of the Conservative Party does not justify classification as 'leading' in any meaningful sense, in my opinion.

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