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Saturday 14 October 2006

The SNP promise Scots a diet of Caviar!

I just couldn't resist that post title, it has little to do with the content of this post, or at least not much. Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy Leader of the Scottish National Party, today gave her speech to the annual conference of the Party, this year held in Perth. Apart from sucking up to the boss:

"It seems the Scottish people think Jack McConnell is more conceited than Alex Salmond.

"And let's be frank - that takes some doing."

she promised us that good times are coming:

"We will give councils the funding to cut local tax across the board.

"And we will guarantee that the benefit is passed direct to taxpayers by putting a ceiling on the level of local income tax.

"Be in no doubt - our government will deliver fairness for local taxpayers and we will put a stop to the local tax hikes that Scotland has suffered for far too long under Labour."

Quite where the money is to come from to provide this bounty is not clearly explained. Possibly it's to do with "Scotland's oil"? Or, as Mr Salmond puts it:

"Scotland's only small to those who think small. It's time to think big."

Should one feel confidence or disquiet? Next May I and fellow Scots will have to make up our minds. I cannot pretend that I view the prospect of an SNP triumph with equanimity - more like abject terror.

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