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Sunday 29 October 2006

False alarm over 'aircraft crash' off Nairn shore

5.15pm - flash news item on BBC News24 saying reports were just coming in that a light aircraft had been reported as going into the sea just off Nairn, just before 5pm. I looked out of my window and indeed saw that a Royal Air Force helicopter was hovering offshore near the harbour. I dashed along to the harbour (about a 10 minute walk from my home across the links) and walked out to the end of the pier at the east side of the harbour - got talking to a fellow who told me he had been there all afternoon with his fishing rod. He told me he had indeed seen a light aircraft flying over but had certainly not seen it crashing into the sea and had wondered why the Coastguard had suddenly appeared a little earlier and why a couple of lifeboats were circling the area with the helicopter overhead. It now seems, thankfully, that the whole incident was a false alarm, although apparently the alarm had been raised completely innocently and with benign, not malign, intent.

... Nairn returns to its normal state of very little happening. It was a lovely sunny late afternoon though and I got a couple of beautiful sunset shots, which I may post up here in the morning once I have downloaded my digital camera.

Oh and one last thing - don't forget that tonight we put the clocks back one hour to GMT until next Spring; the winter really is upon us.

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