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Tuesday 10 October 2006

'Death of a President' - part 2 of my review

Part 1 of my review is here.

After having arrested a Syrian suspect, he was put on trial and eventually found guilty and sentenced to death. The evidence, according to the programme's scenario, was sketchy, but he was nevertheless alleged to have been in league with al-qa'ida, etc. Subsequently whilst the convicted man was on death row, appealing his conviction, it became clear that a suicide at the time of the assasination was in fact the killer, but his suicide note had been discounted by investigators. However, one of his sons was convinced that the awful truth was that his father had indeed done the deed. The man was a Gulf War I veteran, who had become disillusioned with current US policy, according to the scenario, specially after one of his own sons had been killed in Iraq. The programme ended with the Syrian languishing in prison, although it was almost certain he had nothing to do with killing Bush.

What do I think of the film? Well, I'm pleased I watched it, because how else could one attempt to make any serious comment (unlike some). In any case, despite its attempt at being a 'documentary' of a (hopefully) fictional future occurrence, it did at times seem to descend into being merely a polemic against current US policy, and the current President in particular. I don't care for some aspects of US policy either, nor indeed to I [any longer] rate the 43rd President as being worthy to hold the office (but as a non-American my views are irrelevant), but I do think the makers of this programme lost all sense of objectivity in their endeavour to present a quite partisan viewpoint. In summary it was interesting, but I won't waste time ever trying to see it again.

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