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Sunday 17 September 2006

Gay killer on run for two months ...

... but police, who only recently confirmed he had absconded, apparently thought it was 'not necessary' to infrom the public. One is tempted to wonder if this is because only gays are thought to be at risk it is not of sufficent interest to 'anyone who matters', even though he is thought to be responsible for a string of robberies of gay men since July. For as Inspector Mark McManus of Calderdale CID is quoted as saying in the Rochdale Observer:

"On each occasion the suspect struck up a relationship with his male victims before threatening and robbing them, sometimes in public places and on other occasions at their home addresses.

"During the course of this inquiry, police have worked with the gay community, via various media outlets, to inform them of the robberies, warn them of the potential danger and seek information.

"Despite extensive police inquiries he remains at large and we warn the public not to approach Dewhurst but to contact local police if he is seen."

Possibly I am being harsh (surely not - Ed.), as it appears the police have been warning the openly 'gay community', except that a lot of gay men are rather secretive about their 'proclivities' and might not necessarily be aware of police warnings to the openly gay community. It's a case of not wanting to alarm the public, I suppose.

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