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Sunday 17 September 2006

Bill Cameron - prize chump!

That's me I'm referring to, by the way, not some other Bill Cameron!

I have just come up from my garage after having failed to start the car; I now await the arrival of the breakdown assistance person. I think I left one of the interior lights on - the one above the driver's seat - and as I've not used the car since Friday afternoon (so far as I recall) it has had not far short of 48 hours to run the battery flat. Idiot! Luckily I had no important journeys planned for today - just a trip to Forres, about 10 miles east of here, to indulge in some mild 'retail therapy', so the money I have saved on that little expedition will no doubt be redirected to any call-out charge.

UPDATE: (Sunday 17SEP06 18.00) The breakdown assistance vehicle turned up quite rapidly, at about 1.47pm, having come from Inverness (about 15 miles from here) and had me going within about 10 seconds - most embarrassing. Then I went on the round-trip to Forres, with a little add-on so totalling about 25 miles in all, to give the battery a chance to take on some charge. Now I just have to try and not make the same mistake again. In fact I have now worked out WHY this thing happened; on Friday on arriving back home I noticed whilst unloading purchases and the dog from the car that something was missing from my left jacket pocket (a pack of 'Kleenex', if you're interested) and that it had fallen down the very narrow gap between the driver's seat and the central console. I have discovered before, when I dropped the house keys down there on one occasion, just how difficult it is to extricate items which have been dropped there! Naturally after jiggling the driver seat back and forth on its electric tracks, unsuccessfully, I flicked on the overhead light to help me see what I was doing and I retrieved the pack of 'Kleenex' after 5 minutes or so. Of course I must then have forgotten to do the reverse flick on the light switch! Doh! I don't remember this problems on previous Honda Accords I have owned - I must mention this in the next customer survey I receive.

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