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Friday 4 August 2006

Gaoled for being a burglar, caught because he is gay

The title of this post is no less than the literal truth. A trio of burglars robbed an elderly disabled man in his home at knifepoint of his life savings of GBP400- in the village of Rhymney, Gwent (Wales). However only one of the three, Lance Williams, was caught because whilst all three were filmed on CCTV when leaving the scene of the crime, only one could be identified by the victim, Nigel Jones, because of his 'mincing', 'poofy' walk, which Mr Jones recognised immediately. The 19-year old Williams has been sentenced to five years in gaol. The other two remain uncaught.

Naturally down-market tabloids have fun with this story:
The Daily Record (Glasgow) - ONLY GAY THIEF IN THE VILLAGE;
The Sun, with its usual clever punning style - Only gay on the pillage;
The Daily Mirror - GAYDAR TRAP Camp knife raider's mincing walk ends in 5-year sentence.

Of course there is no information yet as to the identities of the two burglars still to be caught, nor of course is it known whether either is homosexual or heterosexual. Who knows, perhaps the others are just 'staight acting' (and Williams is not in fact the only gay in the village), or genuinely it is their straightness which has saved them so far. I hope Mr Jones manages to recover from his ordeal.

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