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Thursday 31 August 2006

Even vomit has its uses, in Aberdeen ...

... definitely not nice ones, of course.

I've heard of projectile vomiting, a la Barry Humphries's character Barry McKenzie, but using a basin of vomit as a weapon of assault is a new one on me. It strikes me that it is this kind of ignorant, drunken behaviour that would merit public humiliation such as a day in the stocks being pelted with over-ripe fruit, or a seat in a ducking-stool - not this namby-pamby being 'bound over' for six months to be of "good behaviour", useful as this avenue might be as an adjunct to a proper punishment. I would have no desire to physically injure this person, or anyone else, simply to curb such odious action and a bit of exposure to public opprobrium, and the knowledge that this would be the consequence of anti-social behaviour, might very well stop the aberrant behaviour in the first place.

Now, li'l ol' Bill is going to try and calm down and get the rather alarming manic gleam out of his eye ...

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