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Thursday 27 July 2006

Libertarianism - "A Burst of Freedom"

The first of two programmes on the brand of libertarianism which became popular amongst some Conservative-leaning students in the 1980s was broadcast yesterday evening on BBC Radio4 in the 15-minute slot before the 9pm news, after this week's 'Moral Maze' programme.

The programme, entitled "A Burst of Freedom", discussed in the first episode some of the radical policies that were proposed, whereas next week's programme (BBC Radio4 - 8.45 to 9pm, Wednesday 2nd August) will discuss how the insatiable desire to shock and irritate senior figures in the [Conservative] Party led to the radicals' downfall (according to the billing in Radio Times). You can listen to last evening's programme, if you missed it, by clicking on the link available here, from where you will also be able to get a link to next week's broadcast, after it has been transmitted.

As someone who still describes himself as a 'Conservative Libertarian' (read toward the end of my 'Who is Bill Cameron?' page by clicking here) I was especially interested to hear the programme. I would say the first programme was really quite balanced and I await eagerly the final programme next week. Of course I never shared some of the extreme ('wacky') ideas prevalent, although in all honesty I did (and do) support quite a lot of what was proposed and think that today's Conservative Party could benefit from re-examining, and adopting, at least some of those ideas.

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